TTC Passes on PRESTO

TTC customers who regularly use streetcars, buses, and PRESTO-enabled subway entrances may now be able to load a monthly pass onto their PRESTO cards. If you don’t have a PRESTO card, you can buy one at a Customer Service Outlet.

Adult TTC customers can now also sign up for a TTC 12 Month Pass. Similar to the Metropass Discount Plan, the TTC 12 Month Pass is an annual pass, paid for monthly at a discounted rate. The pass provides unlimited travel on all regular TTC routes and subways. In order to buy thes pass and get the discount, you must sign a 12-month contract. It’s quick and easy to sign up for the TTC 12 Month Pass online through your My PRESTO Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TTC 12 Month Pass?
The TTC 12 Month Pass is similar to the TTC’s Metropass Discount Plan (MDP). It costs the same, provides the same unlimited travel on all regular TTC routes and subways and requires the same 12-month commitment that the MDP pass does.

There are a few differences between the new TTC 12 Month Pass and the Metropass Discount Plan:

    • The TTC 12 Month Pass will be available on your PRESTO card for the full 12 months of your agreement whereas with the MDP, passes are sent by mail each month.
    • You must tap your PRESTO card each time you board a surface vehicle or enter a subway station, instead of swiping your pass or showing it to the driver or station collector.
    • With the TTC 12 Month Pass your credit card or debit account will be charged on the 23rd day of each month, instead of the first of the month for the Metropass Discount Plan.
    • If you pay by credit card, you’ll see a charge from PRESTO on your statement instead of the TTC.

How do I sign up for a TTC 12 Month Pass?
First you must purchase a PRESTO card and create a My PRESTO Account.

Once you have your card go to, click on I’m a PRESTO User and then click Create a My PRESTO Account.

After you have created your My PRESTO Account, purchase your TTC 12 Month Pass by following these steps:

  1. Visit and click I’m a PRESTO User and log in
  2. Under Add Transit Passes, select Toronto Transit Commission from the drop down menu and select Adult TTC 12 Month Pass and click Sign Up
  3. Proceed to checkout, fill in the payment information and agree to the Terms and Conditions

If you don’t have access to the internet you can sign up for the TTC 12 Month Pass by completing either a credit card or pre-authorized debit form.

When signing up for a 12 Month Pass, you must sign an agreement covering a period of 12 consecutive months. Your credit card or debit account will be charged on the day you sign up for the 12 Month Pass, and for the following months it will be charged on the 20th day of each month for your 12 Month Pass. You are able to sign up for the TTC 12 Month Pass from eight days before the end of the month to five days after the start of the month.

How much does the TTC 12 Month Pass cost?

The TTC 12 Month Pass costs the same as the Metropass Discount Plan:

$134.00 per month for adults

The pass requires a 12-month commitment in order to get the discount.

With the TTC 12 Month Pass you’ll save $12.25 per month compared to buying an adult Metropass each month.

How can I get a Metropass on my PRESTO card?
Currently, adult and senior TTC monthly passes on PRESTO are available online at and at select Shopper Drug Mart locations. Both registered (with an account) and anonymous (without an account) customers will be able to go online and purchase a monthly pass.

You can load a TTC monthly pass online, at On the Load My Card page where you load funds, you will now be able to select and load a TTC pass under Add Transit Passes. You can also set up Autorenew.

If you want to have a monthly pass on PRESTO, but don’t already have a PRESTO card, you can purchase a card online or through one of many retail outlets. A PRESTO card costs $6 if purchasing one online. Cards purchased online take 7-10 business days to arrive by mail. Cards purchased at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations cost $6 and must be loaded with at least $10 in funds. Cards purchased at Gateway Newstands within the TTC cost $20. This cost includes the $6 card fee and a balance of $14. If a monthly pass is loaded onto one of these cards, it is separate from the $14 balance, which can be used to pay fares on other transit agencies that use PRESTO or on the TTC when a pass isn’t loaded onto a card. This balance does not expire.

I’m a senior and want to get my senior monthly pass on PRESTO. How do I do that?
If you are purchasing a senior TTC monthly pass online, your PRESTO card will need to be set to a senior fare type.
To set a senior fare type, you can visit any one of the Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Toronto that sell PRESTO cards. A list of participating locations is available on our Shoppers Drug Mart page. You can also come to the TTC’s Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station, 1900 Yonge Street, or visit one of dozens of Gateway Newstand locations in various TTC subway stations to purchase a pre-loaded senior PRESTO card.
Once your senior fare type is set, visit to purchase your senior TTC monthly pass. Throughout 2018, the locations to buy a card, load money onto it and set a discount fare will be expanded.

When is the pass available?
The current month’s TTC monthly passes can be purchased up to the 5th day of the month. Next month’s passes can be purchases as early as the 24th day of the prior month.

How much does a TTC monthly pass cost? Are there any discounted passes?
During this phase we are limiting sales to adult and senior passes. An adult monthly pass for TTC costs $146.25. A senior monthly pass costs $116.75.

Will I be able to put a Metropass on my PRESTO card through the vending machines, or retail locations?
TTC monthly passes are currently offered through the PRESTO website and at select Shopper’s Drug Mart locations. We are starting with online passes and plan to offer more options for loading a TTC monthly pass in the future. Eventually, TTC monthly passes on PRESTO will be offered through self-serve automated machines.

Can I purchase a student or post-secondary student pass for TTC?
During this phase, only adult and senior monthly passes are being offered. The timing for student and post-secondary student monthly passes is still being finalized. More information will be provided when that has been determined.

Can I set up Autorenew?
Yes. You can set up and manage Autorenew online through your My PRESTO Account. You will be charged for the next month’s pass six days before the end of each month. After that, the next time you tap your card on a PRESTO reader as part of a regular trip your monthly pass will be added to your card.

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