PRESTO is now available on all 1,900+ TTC buses across the TTC network.

When will buses get PRESTO?

Since December 2016, all TTC buses and TTC-owned Wheel-Trans vehicles have PRESTO. For Wheel-Trans customers, this also includes contracted taxis.

What happens when my bus short turns?

When TTC buses are short-turned requiring customers to leave their current bus and board the following one, customers should not tap when boarding the next vehicle to complete your trip.

Why do customers have to pay $6 for a PRESTO card?

The $6 card fee covers the fixed costs to create the card and for using the system. Each PRESTO card contains a unique RFID chip and an imbedded antenna that instantly calculates and deducts the appropriate fare when a customer taps any of the 12,000+ fare payment devices currently available across the system.

If I use a PRESTO card for travel, can I still make a claim for taxable travel benefit?

If the PRESTO customer has created a My PRESTO Account, they can download a Transit Usage Report (TUR) from the PRESTO website to help with making a claim for taxable travel benefits. It is important to note that the TUR is not an official tax receipt and the Canada Revenue Agency may request additional information when reviewing your claim. If a customer has any questions about the Public Transit Tax Credit, they should contact the Canada Revenue Agency or seek professional advice from a tax specialist.

Can I use my PRESTO card to pay my YRT, MiWay and TTC fare on a TTC bus that travels outside of Toronto?

No. PRESTO card readers on TTC buses that operate in York Region or Mississauga are not set up to collect regional fares, only TTC fares. Regional fares must continue to be paid with a TTC fare plus a supplement, cash or regional fare products. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass is another way to pay cross-boundary fares on all TTC, Mississauga, Brampton and York Region Transit routes.

Why do I have to pay with different kinds of fare and my PRESTO card when riding a TTC bus that crosses regional boundaries?

Currently, an electronic cross-boundary fare payment option does not exist on PRESTO as it pertains to buses traveling across regional boundaries. For customers traveling on TTC buses that cross regional boundaries, you will be asked to pay your TTC fare as well as the appropriate regional fare (i.e. YRT or MiWay).

For PRESTO card users travelling outside of Toronto on a TTC bus, with a PRESTO card reader, PRESTO cards can only be used in Toronto. Regional fares must continue to be paid by TTC token/ticket plus a supplement, cash or regional fare product.

I take a downtown express bus to work, how do I pay for my trip?

PRESTO customers can pay for one of their fares with their PRESTO card, but will need to pay for the additional fare with tokens, tickets, cash or their Metropass.

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